Cronograma Anual de Eventos Contables

Cronograma de Eventos Aprobados por la Junta de Decanos de Colegios de Contadores Públicos del Perú para el Año 2013. Leer más

Libros Electronicos PLE

Mediante Resolución de Superintendencia N° 286-2009/SUNAT y sus modificatorias se establecieron las disposiciones ....

Tecnologia Contable

El uso de los software de contabilidad en la actualidad es muy requerido por empresas de diversas áreas en la actualidad ....
Posted on jun - 30 - 2016

Introduction Firms function with intentions in order to make revenue in the profits of services. It is usually for that reason significant for that traders to study the trends of solution and service practice in relation to desire and supply [...]

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Posted on jun - 14 - 2016

Matt Diaz drops 270 lbs and takes a bounce of religion. A slimmer Diaz and his top slipped apart and confirmed the planet what he looks like now. Hes drop over half of his weight, but his body has been [...]

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Posted on may - 20 - 2016

With increased and much more persons receiving around the bandwagon that was freelancing, you’ll find destined to be more sites and services that are ostensibly created for the main benefit of the freelancers. While some work and some do not, [...]

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Posted on may - 16 - 2016

Ewart Keep. ESRC Centre on Capabilities, Understanding and Organisational Efficiency (SKOPE). Professor Ewart Keeps research interests range from the links between skills and fiscal effectiveness (commonly identified), the education and training coverage configuration procedure, employers ideas of training along with [...]

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